What Are Characteristics of an Infant Being a Genius?

According to the U.S. federal definition of gifted individuals, your child must meet one or more of the following requirements to be categorized as a true genius: exceptional leadership skills; high performance capabilities in creative, intellectual or artistic areas; or the ability to excel in a particular academic field 3. While many gifted children are not recognized until later stages of development, extra observant parents will notice certain characteristics that indicate infant genius.


Genius infants are more alert than their peers. They will begin making eye contact with their parents soon after birth and will show signs of recognizing different caregivers within a few months. These infants are in need of heightened stimulation and may become frustrated and cry often if they are not provided with it. In addition, gifted infants may find it difficult to sleep, as they are in a heightened state of stimulation. The lack of sleep a little genius gets should not result in increased irritability, which is unusual for infants.

Language Development

If your infant seems to be tuning in to your adult conversations at an uncanny level, it may be that you have a baby genius on your hands. Gifted infants show an incredibly early interest in language. If your baby is obviously paying attention when you read to him before 6 months of age, it is likely that the child is intellectually gifted. In addition, gifted babies' babble will sound different than other infants; they will have an incredible knack for conversation-like inflections.

Motor Skills Development

Baby geniuses are likely to smile at you when they are very young. They will likely be very active and attempt to roll over, grasp objects or even sit up well before the usual 3-month milestone. Infant geniuses will often walk before they are 9 months old. They will be eager to understand everything in their vicinity and will often become agitated if the door to their room is closed, or if they are not allowed to explore new objects that are nearby.

Perception and Memory

A baby will likely demonstrate increased sensitivity to parental moods if he is a genius. In addition, he will seem to notice changes in his environment, such as mom getting a new haircut or dad bringing home a new toy. An infant will also begin to indicate a heightened memory capacity. He may point to a bottle when he is hungry, or tug at his diaper when he is eager to be changed.