Can You Be Pregnant and Have No Symptoms?

Some of the symptoms of pregnancy are notorious, such as the morning sickness and the extreme fatigue 2. Yet not all women experience the same symptoms, and some women may experience no symptoms at all. The American Pregnancy Association says that symptoms can even vary by pregnancy, so what you experience in one pregnancy, you may not experience in the next 23.

Common Pregnancy Symptoms

The most common first symptom of pregnancy is a missed period. Other early symptoms of pregnancy may include:

  • fatigue
  • bloating
  • mood swings
  • tender breasts
  • headache
  • back ache
  • weight gain 123

Nausea and vomiting are also common symptoms, though they are not necessarily limited to the mornings. Some women experience nausea throughout the day, and some experience it their whole pregnancy. Some women may also experience spotting early in pregnancy and see a thick, milky discharge.

Confusing the Symptoms

Many women do not experience symptoms until the eighth or ninth week of pregnancy, and the symptoms worsen over the course of the first trimester 2. Women who take an early pregnancy test may get a positive result but may not be far enough along to experience symptoms 123. Other women may simply overlook the symptoms they are experiencing as pre-menstrual symptoms, since they are very similar. Women who have implantation spotting may mistake it for a light period, thinking that they are not pregnant. Nausea could be passed off as a stomach bug, and fatigue the result of stress or illness. When a woman finds out she is pregnant, she may not consider these early issues to be symptoms of her pregnancy and believe that she is experiencing no symptoms 123.

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