How to Buy Hot Wheels by the Case

Hot Wheels cars are a favorite among kids and collectors. From time to time, Hot Wheels puts together unique carrying case packages that come filled with cars and accessories. You may also be looking to purchase a full case of the same type of vehicle to give away as prizes or gifts to guests at a birthday party. Or, you may want to build a large collection inexpensively per piece with a bulk buy of used cars.

Visit buyout stores and browse through their inventory. You may be able to find previous edition Hot Wheels by the case.

Check out-of-business sales for bulk and case items. If you see a toy store going out of business, you may be able to find Hot Wheels for sale by the case.

Review newspaper and online classified ads. From time to time, collectors will list lots of old Hot Wheels for sale, and you might be able to buy them by the case.

Look for Hot Wheels deals that offer collections by the case in sales fliers. This may include a race track and service station, as well as accessories along with the cars.

Ask your local toy store manager if he would be willing to order from a toy distributor for you. He will likely be grateful for your business and will do what he can to fill such an order.

Check with toy dealers at flea markets and collector's conventions. They may have cases of old cars in stock that they will gladly part with for a price.