How to Build a LEGO Pyramid

LEGO introduced Egyptian themed building sets in 1998 that included a variety of tan colored bricks which were added to their collection of traditional brick colors. The bricks greatly resemble the stone-like surface of ancient pyramids and are useful for many other structure-based projects. By creating a series of layers that gradually decrease in size as they move inward and upward, a realistic pyramid can be assembled that has the classic charm of a LEGO building set.

Place the 16-by-16-stud green plate on a flat, solid surface.

Create the first level of the pyramid by snapping a 2-by-2-stud tan brick into each corner of the plate. Place two 2--by-6-stud tan bricks lengthwise between each corner brick along the edge to form a solid border. Fill in this level completely with 2--by-6-stud bricks placed side by side.

Place a 2--by-2-stud tan brick in each corner so that a single row of studs from the previous level shows along the edge. Put a 2-by-4-stud tan brick, a 2-by-2stud tan brick and a second 2-by-4-stud tan brick between the corner bricks on each side to form a solid border. Fill the inside of this level completely with a row of five 2-by-6-stud tan bricks and a row of five 2-by-4-stud tan bricks.

Starting one row inward from the edge of the previous level, place a 2-by-2-stud tan brick in each corner and a single 2-by-2-stud tan brick directly in the middle of the corner bricks on each side. Fill in the gaps with eight 2-by-3-stud tan bricks to create a solid border. Fill the empty section in the center with four 2-by-8-stud tan bricks.

Create a new level using four 2-by-8-stud tan bricks to form a box-shaped border. Allow for a single row from the previous level to show. Fill in the center with three 2-by-6-stud tan bricks.

Use four 2-by-6-stud tan bricks to form a square border on a new level, starting one row from the outside of the underlying level. Fill in the center using two 2-by-4-stud tan bricks.

Place four 2-by-4-stud tan bricks on top of the previous level starting one row from the edge to form a box shape. Use a 2-by-2-stud tan brick to fill in the remaining studs in the middle.

Snap in two 2-by-4-stud tan bricks on top of the underlying layer in the center. Place a single 2-by-2-stud tan brick in the center of these bricks to top of the pyramid.


Avoid working on soft surfaces when building your pyramid, such as carpet or furniture, as this will make it difficult to properly snap the bricks into place.

Individual bricks and plates are available for sale on the official LEGO website.

Additional Egyptian-themed mini figures and accessories, such as pharaohs, scorpions, snakes, and hieroglyphics plates can be purchased from independent sellers online.


Depending on your location, shipments from the official LEGO website may take time as the company ships individual pieces from their warehouse in Poland. Place your order well in advance to avoid any scheduling conflicts.