Books for Dads on Raising Teenage Girls

While teen girls certainly need their mothers for advice on clothes, makeup and boys, they also need the influence of an involved and caring father. Fathers have an influence over what type of person a young girl becomes. They also have the important job of teaching her what to look for in a mate when she gets older. Whether you're raising your teen daughter alone or with your spouse, it can be hard knowing if you're doing the right things. Books come in handy because they provide tips, suggestions and information from parents and parenting experts.

Fathers Raising Daughters

"Fathers Raising Daughters" by Nigel Latta, takes a humorous approach to raising girls from birth through the trying teenage years, which makes it a quick and easy read 12. It includes chapters that teach dads how to talk to their teenage girls, how to survive the puberty years and how to influence their eventual choice in a husband. It also includes tips and suggestions for teaching your teen daughter about drugs, parties and sex. In addition to the real-life information about raising teen girls, it also includes case studies that highlight what works for other fathers raising teen daughters 1.

Dads and Daughters

Joe Kelly, author of "Dads and Daughters," provides a book packed with information about how to be the best dad your girl needs 2. While it includes a small amount of information about little girls, the bulk of the book focuses on the teen years. It includes specific chapters about how to talk your teen daughter about her appearance and societal expectations and what to look for in a potential date. Kelly also gives tips and suggestions for teaching your teen daughter about sex, drinking and drugs. It also gives useful advice to help your daughter through the high school years so she's ready to pursue a college degree and career path. Perhaps most valuable are the words from other fathers, which provide encouragement for the tough job of being a father.

Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters

"Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: 10 Secrets Every Father Should Know," by Meg Meeker, is written like a road map for fathering a daughter 13. It is divided into chapters, each designed to help with a certain aspect of being a good and influential dad. Dads will learn 10 different secrets, such as how to be the most important man in her life, how to teach her humility and how to help her stand up for herself. Each chapter will help improve your relationship with your teen daughter as well as help you navigate the teen years with her. Most importantly, this book teaches you how to show your daughter that you love her, which will improve her self-confidence and teach her that she'll always have a support system when she needs it.

Additional Books

Many other books exist that teach you how to form a close relationship with your teen daughter so she'll listen to your advice and turn to you for help. "Daddy Dates: Four Daughters, One Clueless Dad, and His Quest to Win Their Hearts," by Greg Wright takes an anecdotal approach from a dad with four teen girls about how he maintains a positive and open relationship with each of them 24. "Girls Will Be Girls: Raising Confident and Courageous Daughters," by Joann Deak, is different than most books for dads of daughters because it provides a wealth of research and tips for raising a strong and confident teen girl 125. "What a Daughter Needs From Her Dad," by Micheal Farris, provides personal insight and a variety of effective tips so you can be meet the unique parenting needs of your teen daughter 6.