How to Assemble Dr. Brown's Sippy Cups

Dr. Brown's offers training cups in 6 oz and 9 oz sizes to grow with your child. The smaller size starts with a soft-spout top to help ease the transition into the cup and away from the bottle. When your baby starts teething, you can transition to the hard-spout available with the 9 oz cups. The hard spout reduces damage to the spouts from chewing that inevitably happens with teething babies. All of the components for Dr. Brown's training cups are interchangeable among the two sizes.

Press the clear silicone valve (clear round disc) against the flat side of the valve disc, pushing the center of the valve through the corresponding hole in the middle of the valve disc.

Push the valve assembly against the bottom of the spout top for the cup. The top has the round hole in the center with the sides to screw onto the top of the cup. The valve assembly will snap into the spout top.

Slide the handle ring on the cup until it is secure. Fill the cup to the desired level for your child.

Screw the cap onto the cup. Make sure the soft spout protrudes from the top before you screw it in place. Press the cover over the top to secure it and protect the spout from debris.


Always clean the components of the cup thoroughly after every use to protect your child's health.