Airplane Crafts for Preschoolers

Bring the excitement of aviation into your preschooler's life through the introduction of airplane crafts 1. A simple project, such as a stick airplane, will bring hours of fun to daily play. Spur more curiosity by reading stories about airplanes or by revisiting travel experiences with your preschooler during your crafting experience.

Paper Airplane

A simple, yet fun craft for your son or daughter is making a flat paper airplane. Draw or locate a large drawing of an airplane. An alternative is to make a plane template or stencil. Ask him to trace around the template to make their flat airplane. Instruct your son to color and decorate the airplane. When complete, ask him to cut the airplane out by following the outside lines. This particular project will help your preschooler learn the process of cutting.

Stick Airplane Picture

Get ready for a little mess when your preschooler makes a stick airplane picture. Prepare the area for painting, then give her two tongue depressors or wide craft sticks. Instruct her to paint both sides of the sticks any color she would like. After the sticks are dry, position one stick across the other in the shape of an airplane body and wings. Glue the sticks together. Give your preschooler a sheet of blue construction paper. Ask her to place the airplane in the sky. Glue the airplane to the location. Draw an outline for clouds. Ask her to glue cotton balls inside the lines to create clouds.

Paper Tube Airplanes

Save your toilet paper tubes and make paper tube airplanes with your preschooler. Ask him to paint the tube any color he would like. Give him a set of pre-cut wings that are 2 inches wide and 8 inches long. Help your preschooler position and glue the wings to the bottom of the tube. Provide round 1/2- to 1-inch stickers for him to use as windows.

Airplane Mobile

An airplane mobile is a moving craft project your preschooler is sure to enjoy. Gather enough items together so she can make three to five stick or paper tube airplanes for one mobile. Bend the triangular portion of a wire coat hanger into the shape of the letter "Z" on a horizontal plane. The hook should be in the top center of the Z. Hang your preschooler's airplane creations along the Z using pieces of fishing line 8 to 12 inches long. Add another dimension to the mobile by making the coat hanger look like a cloud. Instruct your toddler to glue cotton balls side-by-side along the wire. This portion of the craft project may need your help.