African Craft Activities for Kids

Craft activities can be an effective way to keep children busy, improve their motor skills and teach them about shapes and colors. African craft activities not only have these advantages for kids, but they also teach them about African culture and create an appreciation for it 3.

African Drum

DLTK’s Crafts for Kids gives directions for creating an African drum approximately 9 inches tall 23. According to the website, materials required include:

  • drinking cups made of paper
  • plastic or Styrofoam
  • masking tape
  • glue
  • shoe polish
  • rags
  • permanent markers

First, glue the cups together so their bottoms are touching. Then, cover the openings at the top of the cups with 4- to 5-inch pieces of tape. Cover the rest of the cups with slightly smaller pieces of tape. Paint all of the tape with shoe polish, then use the rags to wipe it off. With the permanent markers, make geometric shapes and designs on the drum.

African Spear

DLTK’s Crafts for Kids gives directions on their website for creating an African spear 23. According to the website, the materials required include:

  • a cardboard wrapping paper roll
  • a Styrofoam meat tray
  • tape
  • scissors
  • paint in brown
  • black or gray

The wrapping paper roll is to be cut lengthwise and then rerolled so that the shaft is as narrow as possible. Use masking tape to cover the roll. A dull-edged spear tip is cut from the Styrofoam meat tray and taped to the end of the spear’s shaft. Paint the spear and shaft.

Kente Cloths

As an African craft activity, children can make Kente cloths, which are hand-woven cloths in African colors used for celebrations and ceremonies in Ghana 1. Children paint geometric designs, such as stripes and triangles, on the paper strips. When the strips of paper dry, the shapes can be outlined with a black marker, which is optional.