How to Add Traction to Big Wheel Tires

Big Wheels are plastic tricycles for youngsters. The toys have large-diameter (about 18 inches) front wheels and small rear wheels. The seat is set low to the ground with the pedals directly connected to the front axle. One of the common problems kids have with the toy is a lack of traction on the front wheel. The kid pushes hard on the front pedals and the front wheel just spins on the ground.

Make a small mark with the marker on the bottom of the outer edge of the tricycle's front tire. The mark is a reference point for one rotation of the tire.

Roll out the nonslip matting, then set the front wheel of the tricycle at the corner with it pointing down the long edge.

Roll the tricycle through one rotation of the front wheel then place a mark on the matting.

Cut a strip of matting material that is the width of the front tire and as long as the circumference of the front tire (from the end to the mark you just made) with the scissors.

Place a bead of strong glue, such as Super Glue, the entire length of the matting strip.

Starting at one end, roll the glue side onto the front tire until it wraps all the way around the front tire.

Allow the glue to set for 24 hours before allowing the child to use the tricycle again.

Things You Will Need

  • Big Wheels
  • Marker
  • Non-lip matting
  • Scissors
  • Glue