Activities to Teach Teens God's Love

For Christian families, keeping God's words in the hearts of teenagers, who are testing the limits and finding themselves, can be a challenge. Relationships, dating and peer pressure can weigh heavily on Christian teens. Remind your teenager and her friends of God's love above all others through Bible study and teen-friendly activities.

Bible Reading and Discussion

Read Bible verses with your teens regarding God's love. These include John 3:16, which states, "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life," and 1 John 4:8, which reads, "Whoever does not love, does not know God, because God is Love." Discuss these and other verses with your teens, challenging her to use her study Bible to investigate the deeper meaning. If you are working with a group of teens, have them create a list of reasons why God's love is superior to any other, including the proclaimed love of a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Demonstrating God's Love

Demonstrate the power of God's love with a simple poster board and scissors. Hold up a red piece of poster board, with the words "God's Love," on it. Ask your teens and their friends how many corners would be left on the poster board if you cut one off. Someone may likely call out "three." Cut one corner off and give it to one of your teens, then point out how you actually have five corners, now that you have given a corner of God's love away. Continue to cut the rest of the corners off the poster boards, leaving you with eight corners. In addition, the corners that the teens are holding now have three corners after you cut them from the poster board. This demonstrates how God's love multiplies when you share it with others. Let the teens cut their corners into smaller corners to share God's love with everyone in the room.

God's Love Valentine's Party

Show your teens they have no reason to feel lonely or sad on Valentine's Day if they are not dating someone. Organize a no-pressure singles get-together with your teens and their Christian friends to celebrate God as the best valentine they could ever have. Make non-alcoholic "mocktails," for the teens to sip on while they play games, or just hang out and talk. Play simple Christian-themed games, like Bible trivia based on famous couples in the Bible, or a "name that verse" game based on verses that mention God's love. Encourage the kids to talk about instances where God's love has seen them through a difficult time. You could also have them write a love letter to God.

Showing God's Love

Teens can share God's love with others by giving back to the community. Jesus loved the poor, downtrodden and helpless. Have your teens think of ways that they can give back, such as volunteering to help with church community service projects. Volunteer opportunities for teens can be anything from helping out in soup kitchens, to clearing out the gutters for an elderly neighbor. Your teens can also volunteer to work with other teens who are going through hard times, perhaps at a community center or teen shelter. Learning about God's love from their peers may be just what a troubled teen needs to turn his life around.