Activities for Take Your Daughters & Sons to Work Day

For more than two decades, Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day has given children insight into what their parents do every day 1. Make this annual event engaging by designing activities to inform and entertain your children. Combining activities and tailoring them to the children's ages can help you create an interesting set of activities for Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day 1.

Hands-on Practice

Discover a hands-on activity that relates to your job task, and allow the children visiting for Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day to get in on the action 1. Focus on activities that are suitable and safe for the age of the children visiting your office. Even if you work in a traditional office, you can introduce kids to your daily tasks. Teach them how to send an email, transfer a phone call or use the copy machine.

Q&A Session

Briefly explain to the children your company's business and your responsibilities. Then, open the discussion to questions, allowing the kids to learn more about your work life 1. Some of your guests might be interested in your job as a career path while others might simply be interested in your computer or snack machine. Answer their questions kindly and thoroughly. Keep your audience engaged by offering fun, kid-friendly facts about your business.

Project Workshop

Treat the children as employees for the day by designing a project that they can work on as a team. For example, if you work at an advertising firm, challenge the children to create a TV spot for one of your brands. Give them the information they need about the brand, set aside some time for them to work together to design an ad and have them present it to a few employees. This activity will give the kids a sense of what your company does and challenges their creativity.

Guess Who

Children might stereotype employees, such as thinking the administrative assistant must be a woman and the executive must be an older man. Break those stereotypes by playing a game of "guess who." Have several employees sit at the front of the room and read job responsibilities. Allow the kids to guess which employee goes with which job description. This activity also gives children insight into the many positions that exist at your organization.