Activities for Children With Sugar Cubes

Edible, wearable and displayable craft items are possible using sugar cubes. Children as young as 2 can create interesting items using this edible product. A mortar of stiff frosting, meringue or paste glue are used to hold the sugar cubes together. Color can be added to the project using colored frosting, water color paints or food coloring.


A building such as an igloo, castle, pyramid or tower is made from the bottom up. The building base is placed on a flat, portable work surface such as a paper plate. The base is constructed by establishing the building shape in the first layer. Stiff frosting or meringue is used as a mortar for an edible item while paste glue is used for a permanent display. Each sugar cube is dipped in the mortar or mortar is spread over the sugar cube. The layers are put together with mortar between the previous layer. A painted cardboard roof is added to finish each project. An alternative to a painted cardboard roof is a cardboard roof covered with sugar cubes.

Colored Building Blocks

Colored building blocks are made with sugar cubes by dripping watercolor paint or food coloring on the surface of the sugar cube. The cubes will absorb the color and distribute it throughout the cube. Small drops of water are placed on the surface of the sugar cube with the end of a paint brush. The cube is turned and more drops are added. If too much water is dropped on the cube at one time, it will dissolve quickly. Small drops are essential to prevent this from happening.

Sugar Cube Beads

Make colored sugar cube jewelry with colored sugar cubes. Follow the directions for making colored sugar cube blocks to create the colored building blocks. The colored sugar cubes must dry for 15 to 30 minutes before proceeding to the next step. Letters or designs can be added to the blocks with permanent markers. A wooden skewer is used to place a hole through the center of each block for stringing. The wooden skewer is soaked in water prior to placing the holes. Drill through the center of the sugar cube with the wet skewer. The moister in the skewer will cause the sugar to melt slightly will using the skewer as a drill. A coat of acrylic spray sealer is used on the finished project to help preserve the sugar cubes.

Picture Frame

Make a picture frame with sugar cubes. The frame base is cut from a piece of cardboard to the desired size and shape. Sugar cubes are placed side-by-side on the cardboard frame until the frame is completely covered. Your child can use a nontoxic school glue to hold the sugar cubes in place. To help preserve the sugar cubes, you can use an acrylic spray sealer on the finished project.