Abe Lincoln Activities for Preschoolers

The Presidents Day holiday is the perfect time to introduce your preschooler to Abraham Lincoln. Although it is a little too early for preschoolers to fully comprehend his accomplishments, through educational activities you'll teach the basics about his background and the values attributed to the 16th president of the United States.

Abe Lincoln Story Time

A children's book on Lincoln is one of the best ways to introduce him to your preschooler. One preschool-aged book to check out is "The Story of Abraham Lincoln," by Patricia A. Pingry, which highlights the major events in Lincoln's life 1. Another good book for preschoolers is "My First Biography: Abraham Lincoln," by Marion Duane Bauer, which focuses on Lincoln's views against slavery and fighting for what is right 2.

Abraham Lincoln Crafts

Help your preschooler make Abraham Lincoln's famous tall hat. First, paint a paper plate completely black and let it dry overnight. Next, staple two black sheets of construction paper together horizontally so it fits inside the plate, with just the rim showing. Glue the stapled construction paper to the paper plate and let it dry completely. Turn the hat over, poke a hole in it and cut out the paper plate large enough to fit your child's head. Another craft project you can do with your preschooler is to build a simple Lincoln's log cabin using craft sticks 3. Have your child glue about 10 craft sticks to construction paper to form the cabin wall. Add a roof, window and door out of construction paper to complete the cabin.

Abe Lincoln Songs

Preschoolers learn effectively through songs. Teach your preschooler songs about President Lincoln using familiar tunes your kid would know. For instance, "Lincoln is on the Penny," to the tune of "Mary Had a Little Lamb." The first verse might be, "Who's the president on the penny? On the penny, on the penny, who's the president on the penny, his name is Abe Lincoln." Come up with more verses about Abe Lincoln or use other tunes your preschooler loves.

Abe Lincoln-themed Snack

You can use snack time to reinforce learning about President Lincoln 3. Help your preschooler build a pretzel stick log cabin with a gingerbread roof and door before enjoying as a snack. For an extra special treat, dip a marshmallow in chocolate and place it in the middle of a chocolate cookie to resemble Lincoln's hat. Another idea is to create a mini paper plate Lincoln hat and fill it with your child's favorite snacks.