8-Week-Old Milestones

By Hillary Marshall
At 2 months old, a baby is no longer a newborn.
At 2 months old, a baby is no longer a newborn.

When a baby is 2 months old, she is no longer considered a newborn. She’s starting to show signs of personality development. In each phase of development there are certain milestones your baby should be making. As a parent, it is essential that you make sure your baby is reaching all of her expected milestones. If your baby is not reaching all of her 8-week-old milestones, you should have her examined by her pediatrician.

Gaining Control

At 2 months of age, your baby should be starting to develop more control of his body, according to KidsHealth. He should be able to hold his head steadier when lying on his tummy and when he is in an upright position. The motions he makes with his arms and legs should be smoother than before.

Say Cheese!

At 8 weeks old, a baby will start to smile at people, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Your baby should also be able to self-soothe briefly. At this age, babies can see things at a distance of about 18 inches. Your baby may start looking around for you or follow your movements when you are close to him.

Communication Beyond Crying

Up until this point, your baby has communicated mostly through crying. At 2 months old, babies will still communicate primarily through crying, but they may start adding some new sounds in too, such as cooing, gurgling and grunting, according to Web MD. Your baby should also start to recognize familiar voices and turn his head toward sounds.

Switch it Up

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 2-month-old babies may begin to act bored if you don't change an activity frequently enough, causing them to fuss and cry. At 8 weeks of age, babies will pay close attention to people’s faces as if they are studying them. He may even recognize faces at a distance and follow objects with his eyes.

Catching Some ZZZs

Web MD contends that you won’t see huge changes in your baby’s sleeping pattern at 8 weeks old. Your baby may begin to develop sleeping patterns, but they are not yet consistent. At this age, your baby needs a total of 15 to 16 hours of sleep daily. He is unlikely to sleep through the night, but may wake up less frequently than before.

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