How Many Calories Do You Burn a Day Breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding your baby provides numerous benefits to you and your infant. One of these benefits is a slight increase in your metabolism.

Calories Burned

A breastfeeding woman burns between 200 and 500 calories per day more than non-breastfeeding women, according to the BabyCenter website 1. The exact number depends on your body type, the amount of milk you produce and the frequency of your baby's nursing.


Even though you are burning more calories through breastfeeding, it does not give you the license to eat lots of sweets and junk food. Sticking to a healthy diet will optimize the nutrients in your breast milk and help you have the energy to deal with life with a newborn.

Weight Loss

Breastfeeding may help you lose pregnancy weight more quickly, but only if coupled with physical activity and a calorie-controlled diet. Avoid overly restricting calories as well, because this can interrupt your milk supply. Consult your doctor before making any drastic changes to your diet while breastfeeding, and before beginning any post-pregnancy exercise regimen.