How to Improve Workplace Morale

The majority of people's time from day to day is spent at the workplace associating with others in an environment that can often feel stressful and overwhelming. The typical 9 to 5 can require extended efforts on the part of management to boost the workplace moral of the different employees that work together to make the company successful. Improving workplace morale will require specific planning and investment, but can be accomplished with great success over time 1.

Take the time to listen and digest the complaints and frustrations that the employee is currently haveing with the present situation 1. When an employee feels he has been heard, the stressful situation loses potency and both parties will be able to rationally appropriate a resolution 1.

Offer ample opportunities for training and development of each individual in their specified duties, as to avoid mistakes or misunderstandings of expectations that inevitably lead to problems and conflict. When an individual feels she is competent in their work, then given the freedom to carry out the job independently, morale will be encouraged and she will feel motivated to be creative and effective on the job.

Reward good work and good workers with obvious, public affirmations verbal and tangible. This will encourage the successful individual's confidence in front of peers, as well as encourage others to recognize the reward and strive for similar goals on their own. Make these rewards meaningful to the majority of employees, from bonus money to cash rewards, gift certificates to fine dining or other highly motivating recompense.

Discover the various talents and skills that rest within the community of employees 1. Create opportunities to utilize these specific, personal qualities and highlight those individuals that participated through company wide emails and verbal recognition. Artists can create signage and marketing banners while technically savvy people can develop strategies of growth through social media networks, or online marketing techniques.