How to Re-Grip a Squash Racket

The grip covers the handle of your squash racket and allows you to successfully hit touch shots, while wicking away moisture and avoiding slippage that might send your racket into your partner or the wall 5. To save racket-shop charges, re-grip the handle yourself when it feels too hard or slippery. Grips come in a variety of colors — old-school brown, or more modern electric shades to make a statement that you’re on the court and ready to hit a few.

Remove the black tape wrapped over your old grip at the top of the handle. Unwind the old grip from the racket handle.

Remove the plastic wrapper from outside of the new grip. Remove the paper wrapper from the inside of the grip.

Apply the narrow edge of the grip to the base of the handle, wrapping it one full revolution along the bottom edge of the handle.

Continue wrapping at an oblique angle, pulling firmly and gradually working the tape up the handle toward the head of the racket. Overlap each new turn over half of the previous turn. Pull more tightly for a thin grip, more softly for a thick grip.

Wrap to the end of the length of the handle and two turns onto the shaft. Cut off any extra grip with scissors, trimming at an angle toward the racket head.

Wrap the length of black tape supplied with the grip over the final wrap of the grip, pulling tightly to fit the contour of the grip and smoothing the tape to the shaft with your thumb.


You can use electrical tape instead of the supplied black tape to finish the final edge. For a thicker handle, wrap one to three layers of electrical tape around the handle before you install the grip. Take your time and do a neat job. Unwind and re-wrap a turn to improve the look of the grip.


Keep finger oil and dirt off the adhesive strip on the inside of the new grip.