Personal Characteristics of Strength & Weakness

In today's tough economic environment the fight to obtain a job that maximizes your skills and pays your bills is fierce. Knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are is essential 1. According to, intelligence, self confidence, willingness to work hard, ability to communicate well, self-motivation and being a team player are examples of strengths. The site also names the following weaknesses: skill lack, tendency to debate, nervousness around people and tendency to overstep work boundaries.

Intelligence, Communication and Self-Confidence

Intelligence relative to the job you are applying for is determined by your command of the skills necessary to complete the job. Jobs that require excellence in written and verbal communication will not only require that you be able to write and speak with clarity, but will also require the ability to use a word processor or other computer software and have Internet search competence.

Self-confidence is measured by the extent to which you are able to accurately trust your own wisdom and act on what you know to be correct. This requires a level of self-assertion that need not be arrogant. Self-confidence does not mean that you never need to ask for help.

Work Hard for Their Money

No company wants to pay a slacker. Bosses truly appreciate employees who not only throw their hat in the ring, but are willing and able to pull their share of the load, and then some. Volunteering for extra work, being pleasant to work with and willingness to share knowledge and help others out not only helps to get the job done, but will make you look like a star.

Be Willing to Own Your Weakness

It is rare that a job applicant will be a master of all areas desired. recommends that you anticipate what an prospective employer will see as a weakness and be ready to state how you have already addressed the problem. Mention the work that you are doing to correct your weakness on your resume: If you are taking a course or volunteering for a company to strengthen your area of weakness say so, and be able to document your efforts.

Weaknesses that will Sink You

Combativeness or tendency to debate, nervousness around people and tendency to overstep work boundaries create tension in the work place that will make it easy for bosses to decide to terminate you. Debaters fail to recognize when to concede a point.