How to Make a Robot for Kids

Become an Expert Mom in No Time

If your child really wants to make a robot and you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

Your child is really into robots, and guess what? He wants you to help him make one. Don’t worry; you have a few different options, and one is sure to appease your budding artist or inventor. And as a bonus, you may even be able to impress him with all your creative robot-making ideas.

Drawing a Robot

If your child would like to draw a robot but needs a little guidance, help is nearby. If you need a little guidance yourself, don’t despair. A simple web search leads to many websites that provide step-by-step instructions for drawing a robot. In addition to written directions, your child may be interested in sites that include video tutorials that walk him through each step. These sites can open up a whole world of robots for your child, going far beyond just one basic robot creation.

If you prefer, you can also take a trip to the library or bookstore to find “how-to” drawing books. Many books are geared toward kids that include simple instructions paired with pictures to guide them from the beginning to the finished product.

Creating a Robot With Technology

If you or your child is tech savvy, you might choose to try creating a robot using an app or a web-based program. Just trade in the paper and pencil for a device and start searching. Your child may wish to use a program that mimics drawing but allows him to do it on his device. Or, he may prefer to use a site where he can choose ready-made robot parts to combine into his own unique creation.

Making a 3-D Robot

Maybe your child is looking to make an “real” robot, not just a two-dimensional picture of one. Look around the house for boxes he can fasten together to create the robot’s body. You may have shoeboxes, cereal boxes or tissue boxes that do the trick. Look for other parts that he can add to his creation, such as buttons, pipe cleaners, paper cups and plates, and paper towel rolls. Consider getting out the paint to help him add some color to his robot, or maybe he’d like to cover it in aluminum foil for a realistic look.

If boxes aren’t your child’s style, clay is another option to create a three-dimensional robot. Your child can use different colors of clay to form his robot and may wish to use some of the loose parts, as mentioned, like buttons, to add details.

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