Boot Camps in Ohio for Teens

Boot camps borrow training procedures and discipline rules from the armed forces, including the use of hard labor and military-style schedules. The camp experience and training typically allow teenagers a way out of more severe methods to change behavior such as time in prison or attendance at special schools, but some camps offer voluntary social experience. The Buckeye State has a variety of boot camps for Ohio teens 1. Camp choice allows parents, teens and outside authorities such as juvenile courts the ability to match the teenager's special needs with the programs at the camps.

Athletic Focus

Ohio boot camps focused on athletics and sports conditioning include The Unit -- The Bootcamp Experience in Dayton and the Boxing Fitness Bootcamp offered by Pilger's Old Skool Fight Sports and Fitness Academy in Columbus 3. Pilger's welcomes aspiring campers beginning at age 7, and the program features exercise, strength conditioning and activity drills. Trainers at Pilger's group teens into ability levels, starting with novices looking for basic conditioning and aspiring young boxers interested in intensive training. The Unit features free 60- to 90-minute workout sessions conducted using a traditional boot camp organization that moves from an outdoor venue in the summer, April through October, to indoor programs at local schools during the winter months. Boot camp schedules encourage participation on two days during the week, but campers can attend as few or as many of the sessions as needed to achieve the desired results.

Private Facilities

Ohio private boot camps include the Wingate Wilderness Counseling for Troubled Teens available at 26 locations throughout the Buckeye State, including Akron, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton, Youngstown and Columbus 1. Wingate belongs to the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs and the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers. Wingate focuses on outdoor nature experiences and an approach that includes choice and natural consequences as a way to change teen behavior.

Health Camps

Youth Obesity Solution, part of Cleveland Fitness Boot Camp, focuses on exercise and physical training for overweight teens in conjunction with the International Youth Conditioning Association 26. Ohio camp locations include facilities in Beachwood, Mentor, Westlake and Broadview Heights. Ohio branches of the YMCA, including the locations in Cleveland and Sandusky County, also offer regular boot camp exercise classes and summer camps for teenagers 4. Camp training is part of the regular YMCA membership, and the facilities have a regular calendar of boot camp classes throughout the week, but class offerings differ with the different Y locations.

Female Camps

Female teen campers have a choice of two programs, both part of the Adventure Boot Camp for Women 2. The Springboro facility, located in the metropolitan Dayton area, and a second camp in the Akron-Canton area operate four-week outdoor schedules focusing on the teen's personal goals for weight loss or muscle toning. Teens can also focus on changing nutrition and exercise habits. The complete camp experience includes 20 workouts lasting an hour each, a personal nutrition seminar and formal pre- and post-camp physical assessments.