Activities for Kids to Build a Statue of Liberty

Presented as a gift from France, the Statue of Liberty is an important symbol of the United States 45. The statue, located in New York Harbor, stands more than 15 stories high and is a reminder of the freedom that American citizens are privileged to have. Along with talking about Lady Liberty, kids can enjoy making their own model of this historic symbol out of various materials at home.

Pipe Cleaners and Foil

You can help your child make a small model of the Statue of Liberty using pipe cleaners, aluminum foil, glue, gauze and spray paint 45. Using six to eight pipe cleaners, form the shape of a person. Start by twisting two pipe cleaners together to form a strong base for the body, and then attach the head, arms and legs, making sure to have the right arm raised. Once the basic shape is finished, wrap aluminum foil around the statue to make it thicker. Have your child make the crown and torch out of foil and attach them to the statue with glue. Next, carefully cover the statue with at least two layers of gauze, using water as a bonding agent. Allow the statue to dry overnight, and help your child spray paint it with blue-green paint.

Modeling Clay

You can purchase modeling clay from any craft store or have your child help you make some at home. Using modeling clay will allow your child to make a fairly detailed representation of the Statue of Liberty 45. Assist your child in forming the head, body and base of the statue, then add the crown and torch pieces separately. Provide tools such as toothpicks and forks for your child to add details like her face and the cloth of the toga. Once the clay has dried out a little, your child can use paint or makers to make the statue the right color.

Household Items

Using an empty soda bottle, craft sticks, pipe cleaners, blue-green tissue paper, construction paper and aluminum foil, your child can create an artistic Statue of Liberty 5. Take two craft sticks, tape them together, and attach to the bottle (which will be the body) to make the raised arm. Next, secure a pipe cleaner around the middle of the bottle, leaving space on the opposite side of the raised arm to form the other. To make the head, mold aluminum foil around a craft stick in a ball shape. Using tape if necessary, help your child cover the head and body with tissue paper, leaving a bunch at the top of the raised arm for the torch. Details such as the crown, book, and flame for the torch can be cut out of construction paper and glued to the appropriate places. Finish by draping tissue paper across the statue for the toga.


Coloring, cutting, and gluing a model of the Statue of Liberty out of paper can provide your child with a relaxing craft while promoting fine motor skill development 45. Print out the template from Papertoys and guide your child in coloring and piecing together the statue 5. You can print the template on card stock for a sturdier model.