Alternatives to a Bikini

Long gone are the days when the only choice of swimsuit was the bikini or the one piece. The evolution of style and the body types of women have created many alternatives to the sexy bikini 1. As a matter of fact, only 18% of women even plan to wear bikinis this summer due to the growing number of swimsuit options that flatter more body types. From tankinis to boy shorts, the bikini is no longer the only sexy swimsuit option for women.


Several years ago, the tankini emerged as a fun alternative to the popular bikini style. In styles ranging from halter to simple spaghetti straps, the tankini offers a sexy solution for women seeking to cover the midriff area. For those that want to show off their abs, the tankini also comes in a variety of cropped styles. There is even a one-piece crossover style called the monokini that gives the illusion of a bikini with sheer fabric or cords of fabric covering the midriff area.

Boy Shorts

Boy shorts offer a sexy alternative for women seeking to cover up more of their bottom half. It is also a more relaxed style, giving women the ease of being sexy and comfortable at the same time. Boy shorts come in a variety of styles, ranging from the more conforming brief to the longer, looser short style. Choose the style that highlights your best attributes.

Classic One Piece

The one piece is now sexy. More women are opting for the one piece today not only because it flatters many body types but because it comes in many sexy styles. Lots of one pieces today have fashionable ruching that conceals problem areas, while still letting you flaunt fabulous legs and arms. For those seeking to show more skin, sultry cut-out styles reveal and highlight your best curves in the abdominal area.

Swim Dress

The swim dress is an adorable swimsuit style that has re-emerged in recent years. It is a perfect blend of a classic style and the flirty, playful fashion of modern times. Its feminine ruffles bring out the girl in anyone. The swim dress comes in a variety of styles, ranging from very short to mid-thigh. Whether you choose a spaghetti strap, halter or strapless style, the look is carefree with the bonus of extra coverage.