How to Store Stuffed Animals in the Attic

By Alicia Bodine

Children quickly collect stuffed animals and don't like to part with them. One solution is to place half of the stuffed animals in the attic. You can then switch them out with the other half every few months. This will keep your child from getting bored with the stuffed animals that they have and give them a chance to fall in love with their old stuffed animals all over again. Here are three different suggested methods for storage.

Purchase plastic bins with tight lids. The number and size of the bins depends on how many stuffed animals you are placing in the attic. Fill the bins with your stuffed animals and close shut. Write on the plastic bins with a permanent marker so that you will know its contents without having to open them. Stack the plastic bins in the attic with the largest bin on the bottom and the smallest bin on the top.

Pack your stuffed animals in Space Bags (see link in Resources). These bags will have the air removed from them, keeping your stuffed animals preserved like new. Zip the Space Bags closed. Hook the hose from your vacuum up to the black circle on the bag. Turn the vacuum on and watch as the vacuum sucks all the air from the bag. Place the seal back on the black circle and you are done. Place the Space Bags in the attic. They won't take up much room so you can store them anywhere.

You can also use heavy-duty trash bags to store your extra stuffed animals. Put the toys into the trash bags and secure the bags with twist ties. You might also wish to tape the bags closed. Plop the trash bags into a large lidded cardboard box and tape the box lid down securely. Write descriptive information about the stuffed animals on the side of the box.


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