How to Make a Stuffed Animal Stay on Top of a Diaper Cake

By Kimberly Turtenwald
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A diaper cake can serve multiple purposes at a baby shower, including a gift and a decoration. Most diaper cakes consist of a series of rolled-up diapers organized so they look like a multilayered cake. The parents can dismantle the cake and use the diapers for their baby. Other decorations, such as ribbons and sometimes a stuffed animal, may also be used to decorate the diaper cake. If you place a stuffed animal on top of a diaper cake, you must secure it to keep it from falling off.

Step 1

Slide a safety pin through one of the top diapers or a ribbon and the bottom of the stuffed animal to secure it in place on top of the diaper cake.

Step 2

Stick double-sided tape or velcro tabs onto the top of the diaper cake and the bottom of the stuffed animal. These items secure the stuffed animal in its place and can be easily removed later.

Step 3

Loop a ribbon around the diaper cake from top to bottom, pinning the legs of the stuffed animal or its waist to the top of the diaper cake.

Step 4

Clip a toy chain link around the arms, legs or body of the stuffed animal. Clip the link to a ribbon on the diaper cake to hold the stuffed animal in place on top.

Step 5

Remove one of the center diapers in the top tier of the diaper cake. Push the stuffed animal into the hole left by the missing diaper. The stuffed animal will peek over the top of the cake and is unlikely to move from its location.

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