How to Fold the Bugaboo Flat

By Amanda Lynch
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Despite the high price tag, plenty of parents opt to purchase from the Bugaboo line of strollers. With air-inflated rear tires, comfortable seats for baby and forgiving shocks, the Bugaboo Cameleon promises an easy ride for everyone. A truly modular stroller, the Cameleon offers multiple options -- a bassinet attachment for infants, three-position reversible seat for older babies and even a two-wheeled option perfect for navigating in snow or sand. While it is great urban stroller, the Bugaboo can be cumbersome to fold but with a bit of effort you will find that it does fold flat.

Remove the Bugaboo Cameleon's seat. Press in on the gray side latches and lift the seat up and out of the stroller frame. Use one hand to fold the seat attachment mechanism into place -- the bar should rest on the back of the seat's foot area.

Set the seat aside.

Press in on the round gray buttons near the top of the Bugaboo's handle in order to lower it to the ground. Lower the handlebar until the black rubberized padding is flush against the ground.

Grasp the center stabilizer bar (the one the seat rests on) and turn the stroller around so the bar is facing you and the padded handlebar is pointed away from you.

Place the Bugaboo seat on top of the stroller frame for storage. The head of the seat should be resting on the padded handlebar.

Remove the carry handle/bumper bar on the seat to make the folded stroller even flatter. Press in on the rectangular gray buttons on either side and lift it out. You can store it right inside the seat for safekeeping.

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