How to Remove the Governor From Fisher Price Power Wheels Vehicles

By William Pullman

Each Fisher-Price Power Wheels toy vehicle is manufactured with a high-speed lockout screw that acts as a governor for the vehicle. When installed, the high-speed lockout screw prevents a child from driving the Power Wheels vehicle at its top speed. This safety feature is designed to allow a child to learn the Power Wheels controls and how to safely drive the vehicle at a lower speed before riding at top speed. You can remove the screw once your child is familiar with the controls.

Step 1

Move the Power Wheels vehicle shifter to the leftmost position, often referred to as position 1, if your Power Wheels vehicle shifter is installed in a horizontal position. Position 1 is the low-speed, forward-moving shifter position. Move the shifter to the lowest position if your Power Wheels vehicle shifter is installed in a vertical position.

Step 2

Remove the screw from the upper left or right side of the shifter base with a Phillips screwdriver on Power Wheels vehicles with a horizontal shifter. Remove the screw located just below the shifter on Power Wheels with a vertical shifter.

Step 3

Locate the shift lever lock and pull it back to release the lock, if your Power Wheels has a shift lever lock. The shift lever lock is found on the left side of the shifter base in some Power Wheels models with a horizontal shifter. Not all models have this lock.

Step 4

Place the shifter in the farthest-forward position for horizontal shift levers or in the uppermost position for vertical shift levers to use the higher-speed function of your Power Wheels vehicle.

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