Evenflo SmartSteps ExerSaucer Instructions

By Madison Rayne

The Evenflo SmartSteps ExerSaucer is a stimulating activity center designed for babies 3 to 10 months old. This interactive toy adjusts to three different heights and features a fully rotating seat, 18 interactive activities and over 50 sounds and colors. The SmartSteps ExerSaucer promotes hand-eye coordination, helps little ones develop motor skills and achieve development milestones. Adult assembly is required and is relatively simple.

Turn the ExerSaucer base upside down. Insert one side of the U-shaped stabilizer feet into the foot bracket hole of the base. Twist the foot until the other side snaps into the opposite hole. Repeat this for all three stabilizer feet.

Flip the ExerSaucer tray upside down. Place the seat lock piece over the two screw holes on the bottom of the tray. Align the holes in the seat lock with the holes in the tray. Place one washer over each hole. Insert one screw into each washer. Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to tighten the screws.

Turn the seat ring upside down. Snap the six seat wheels into the wheel holders on the bottom of the seat ring.

Turn the seat ring back over. Line up the small triangle shape on the back of the seat ring with the small diamond shape on the seat pad label. Fasten all the plastic tabs of the seat pad with the protruding pegs of the seat ring.

Turn the tray right-side up. Lower the assembled seat into the center of the tray and press down firmly until you hear a snap. The seat should spin easily.

Turn over the three pedestals. Install one small spring into each pedestal by aligning the spring's hole with the designated hole underneath the pedestal. Insert a screw into the aligned holes and use a screwdriver to secure them together.

Attach the pedestals to the ExerSaucer base by placing your finger inside the pedestal and attaching the spring to the hook on the base. Align the tabs on the pedestal with the slots in the base, then press down firmly until the pedestal snaps onto the base.

Make sure the pedestals are installed correctly. Turn the pedestal clockwise, then release it. The pedestal should spring back into place.

Place the lower leg back piece over the lower leg front piece. Insert four screws into the designated holes, and use a screwdrivewr to tighten all the screws. Repeat this process for the other three lower leg assemblies.

Place the assembled lower leg over the pedestal. Press down firmly until you hear a snap, then tilt the leg in the opposite direction and press down until the locking tab snaps into place. Repeat this process for the other three lower legs.

Insert the upper leg piece into the upper leg crown piece, and press firmly until the two pieces snap together. Repeat this process for all the upper leg assemblies.

Turn the tray upside down. Insert the assembled upper leg --- height adjustment holes facing out --- into the tray, and twist the leg in a clockwise direction to lock it in. Repeat this process for all the assembled upper legs, then turn the tray back over.

Insert one large spring into the upper leg opening on the top of the tray. Place a spring dome over the leg opening. Turn the dome clockwise while pressing down firmly until the pieces lock into place and the tabs on the domes line up with the tabs on the tray. Repeat this process for the other three domes.

Position the tray assembly over the base assembly and align the upper legs with the lower legs. Pull out the height adjuster tab and insert the upper leg into the lower leg; press down firmly until you hear a snap. Repeat this process with the other two legs.

Snap the small toys onto the tray.