How to Convert Crib to Toddler Bed

By Marissa Nicole
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Baby furniture can be expensive, so it makes sense to purchase pieces that can grow along with the baby. Convertible cribs are popular for this reason. Converting these cribs is easy to do, and most of the time they do not cost nearly as much to convert as it would to purchase a new piece of furniture.

Step 1

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Remove all toys, blankets, sheets and any other objects from the mattress. Set these things toward the edge of the room so that you do not trip on them.

Step 2

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Remove the mattress from the crib frame and place it towards the edge of the room.

Step 3

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Make sure that the floor of the room is free of clutter. Move the crib into the center of the room.

Step 4

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Following the instruction manual for your specific crib, remove the crib's front rail.

Step 5

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Move the mattress rails to the lowest position.

Step 6

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Screw on the toddler rail from the toddler conversion kit that matches your crib.

Step 7

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Push the frame for the toddler bed to the desired position in the room. Place the mattress back on the rails of the bed.

Step 8

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Make the bed with sheets, blankets, bumper or any other linen you used in your baby’s crib.

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