How to Make Button and String Whirligigs

By Pamela Martin
Hemera Technologies/ Images

Children today have access to elaborate toys and complex computer games, but parents often are surprised that a simple, old-fashioned plaything captures their child's attention. A button-and-string whirligig is an inexpensive toy that takes seconds to make, but entertains for hours, making "music" as an added enticement.

Step 1

Cut a 24-inch length of string.

Step 2

Thread the string through the holes in the button. Do not use a button with a shank. You need a flat one with at least two holes.

Step 3

Tie the string ends together in a knot.

Step 4

Spin the button to twist the strings, with the button in the center. Insert your fingers in the loops. Pull the strings to let them begin to untwist. Release the pressure and then pull the string taut again to keep the whirligig spinning.