How to Build a LEGO Flower

By Angela Roe
Turn that pile of Lego bricks into flowers.

Use colorful Lego building bricks to build flowers that are beautiful from both sides. Make your Lego flowers taller or shorter by adding or removing bricks from your Lego flower stem. Make flowers in different color combinations and you'll soon be the owner of a flourishing Lego flower garden.

Start with a green 2x4 Lego brick on your work surface or your Lego base. Stack five 2x2 green Lego bricks on top of each other and put this tower in the center of the 2x4 brick, creating the flower stem.

Put a green 2x4 brick to the right of the flower stem. It will sit on one section of your original brick, snugged up against the flower stem, and three sections will extend beyond the brick beneath it. This starts your flower leaves. Add another green 2x4 brick to the first brick in your flower leaf. Position this one so there's one blank section between the stem and the beginning of this brick, with one section extending past the brick beneath it.

Finish off the leaf on the right by adding a 2x3 green brick on top of the previous brick. Line this up so there's one blank section to the left of the brick, and the right side of the brick lines up with the brick below it with no overhang. Build a matching assembly to the left of your flower stem.

Begin the flower bloom by centering a white 2x8 brick on top of your flower stem.

Add another white 2x8 brick so two sections extend past the white brick below it on the left side. Set a 2x4 white brick beside this one so two sections extend past the brick below it on the right side. Place a 2x3 white brick on the right side of the last level of brick so one section extends past the brick on the right. Add another 2x3 white brick on the left side of the last level so one section extends past the brick on the left. Fill in the blank space in between the white bricks with a 2x8 yellow brick.

Start at the edge of the last level of bricks and build the next level by adding a 2x2 white brick, a 2x2 yellow brick, a 2x6 red brick, a 2x2 yellow brick and a 2x2 white brick. Repeat this pattern for the next level.These three levels of bricks are all the same length. You should see the red bricks centered inside the yellow bricks and the yellow bricks centered inside the white bricks.

Build the next level by starting at one end and adding a 2x3 white brick, two 2x4 yellow bricks, and another 2x3 white brick. This level is the same length as the level below it.

Finish off your Lego flower by adding two 2x6 white bricks, and place them in one section from either side of the previous level. When that level is finished, add the final row of two 2x4 white bricks set in two sections from either side.


Use different-size bricks, just keep the pattern the same. For example, instead of using a 2x8 brick, use two 2x4 bricks instead.

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