Rainbow Play Set Assembly Instructions

By Sharon Perkins
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Rainbow play sets have an excellent reputation for creativity, durability and lasting value. They are not, however, known for their easy assembly. In fact, Rainbow pre-assembles their swing set ladders at the factory and assembles the entire system onsite for you. Usually, you will only need to assemble a Rainbow play set if you buy a set secondhand or move it. Even then, Rainbow offers the option of moving and re-assembling the play set for you, for a fee. If you tackle this project yourself, plan to make the job easier.

Taking the Set Apart

Step 1

Draw a diagram of the play set or take detailed pictures from every angle. Rainbow play sets contain several elements that fit together in specific ways. Many sets have custom elements. Don't rely on your memory to figure out how the set should go back together.

Step 2

Find the instruction manual before taking the play set apart. If you can't find the manual, call your local distributor and tell him what components your set contains so he can get you the correct manual. Study the manual before you start working so you have some idea of how the pieces will go back together.

Step 3

Take the play set apart, keeping as much together as possible. Pay close attention to the construction and how pieces attach to one another. Keep large sections intact if you have the manpower to move them. Make a checklist that includes each of the different pieces and containers. Follow the instruction book guidelines about removing sections.

Step 4

Organize the different parts of the play set by keeping all the pieces from the same section tied together. Keep all the screws, nuts and bolts from each section in labeled bags, so you can find the right bag easily when you reassemble the set.

Putting the Set Back Together

Step 1

Move the pieces to the new location. Choose the most level ground. Check off each piece on your checklist to make sure you have all the pieces.

Step 2

Place the largest pieces where they will go. Build the smaller sections using the larger pieces as your anchor pieces, following the instruction manual. If you have bolts and screws left over after putting a section together, look for unused holes that you may have missed. Leaving out bolts, nuts and screws could make your set unstable.

Step 3

Test the set before letting children play on it. Rainbow play sets should be able to hold an adult weight. Try out the ladder to make sure it's rock solid and stable. The set should not wobble or shake after you put it together.

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