Where Can I Find a List of Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens?

Parents sometimes struggle with their troubled teens. If counseling and behavior modification strategies have not helped, consider a boarding school specializing in therapeutic treatment and education for teens.


Boarding schools help teens who are struggling with issues in their lives. Options include military boarding schools, therapeutic boarding schools, Christian boarding schools and live-in youth centers that offer therapy and education.


Boarding schools for problem teens offer high school diplomas or general educational development (GED) certificates; life skills training and self-esteem development; emotional, spiritual, social and physical guidance; substance abuse help; and special assistance with learning disabilities and ADD or ADHD.


Therapists specializing in adolescent and family treatment might offer lists of referrals or recommendations to boarding school programs. Other families with troubled teens might be able to offer the names of the schools that helped their teens.

Online Lists

Visit www.teenboardingschools.com/state.html for a list of schools by state. Go to nationalyouth.com/therapeuticboardingprograms.html for a list of therapeutic schools 3. See Resources for more links to sites that list schools. Be aware that some online sites are commercial sites advertising for their own schools.


Visit boarding schools before deciding on where to enroll a student, but don't be a "helicopter parent" who doesn't allow your teen to experience the natural consequences of her actions while at school. Budget for contingencies such as unexpected trips home from school, field trips and athletic events.