Weight Loss Camps for Kids in Ohio

Overweight children have lower self-esteem and more health problems than kids of a normal weight. You can help your child overcome these issues with a weight loss camp for kids. Ohio has several weight loss camps and fitness camps that kids can attend. Many of these camps offer nutrition counseling as well. The benefits of these camps are great, and kids will come back from camp with higher self-esteem and the tools they need to shed excess pounds.


Kids who are overweight tend to have lower self-esteem than kids who are at a normal weight, according to a manuscript written by Latoya Huston in the Department of Psychology at Missouri Western State University. When a kid loses weight at a weight loss camp, his self-esteem and confidence will be much higher than before. In addition, losing weight will help decrease his risk for diseases such as diabetes.


A weight loss camp in Ohio may be too far for some or may be too costly for others. Consider alternatives to help your child shed excess weight and regain a healthy self-esteem by enrolling them. For instance, enroll them in a sports program or camp instead. Sports camps and programs can help boost kids' self-esteem by allowing them to not only lose weight but also be a part of a team and meet new friends. In addition, the activities that they participate in will help create a healthy lifestyle.


The Wellspring Pennsylvania weight loss camp for kids is just outside Ohio 2. The coed camp is for kids ages 11 through 18 and includes personalized programs. Kids will participate in nutrition classes, culinary courses and fitness activities such as biking, hiking and sports. As of 2010, the cost was upward of $1,000 per camper.

Camp Shane

Camp Shane teaches children how to lose weight while still enjoying their favorite foods 3. Nutrition education, portion-controlled meals and cooking classes are all available for kids to try. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is also used to help kids become more aware of their eating patterns. Cost was more than $3,500 per camper in 2010.

New Image Camp

Also right outside Ohio is New Image Camp at Pocono Trails in Reeders, Pennsylvania 4. The camp is for boys and girls ages 7 to 18. The New Image Camp philosophy is to provide an environment where weight loss is an integral part of the summer camp experience, promote health, wellness, integrity and learning, build self-esteem and lasting friendships and ensure individualized attention that yields results 4. Cost was more than $600 per camper as of 2010.