Ways for Teens to Make Money at Home

Teens easily make money at home using a combination of old-fashioned methods and new technologies. Computers and the Internet have opened a vast array of possibilities for teenagers to work and make money using spare time at home. Blogging, selling items online and advertising help teens earn a small income without leaving the house. Supplementing computer-based modern methods with common household chores increases the options for teens to make money at home.


Launching a blog is a popular moneymaker. Teenagers create more than half of all blogs, according to a Perseus Development Corporation survey. It is simply a matter of choosing a favorite topic, setting up a free website and signing up for advertising programs. Links appear throughout the blog, so teens receive payment every time someone clicks on an advertisement. Regularly updating the blog will bring a stream of traffic and significant revenue.


Doing chores is still an age-old way for teens to make money at home while learning responsibility. However, it is not good to overburden them with too many chores, especially when they already work another home-based job. That's because the teenage mind lacks the physical capability to effectively multitask and organize, according to research published in Child Development 1.

Online Auctions

Participating in on-line auctions is one of nine ways for teens to make money, according to Entrepreneur.com. They require minimal investment, just fees for setting up the auction and selling the item. Teens start out listing used clothing, old toys and other collectibles. As their business progresses, donations from friends and family fuel the momentum.

Eventually some will progress to sales via dropship companies. These firms offer low-cost items to sell without the need to maintain an inventory. It's just a matter of evaluating and researching products and determining the list price, which ends up higher than the actual cost. After buyers purchase items, the teens buy them from the dropshipper, ship them to the buyer and keep the difference. Most dropship companies require a membership fee to purchase the discounted items.


Advertising an at-home service permits teens to create businesses and make money independently. Printed advertisements and on-line classifieds inform residents about the service offered, such as tutoring or drop-off repair services. Teens with a creative ability to make crafts or other useful items can list and sell them via the Internet or newspaper advertisement.


Numerous websites offer ways for teens to make money at home writing. Thus, not only will they earn an income, but also develop writing ability for future endeavors. Teens also feel a sense of pride becoming a published writer. Many magazines accept submissions from teenagers, as well. A teen thinking about starting a career in writing gains experience while earning income at home.