How to Use Magna Rx

Magna Rx is a penis enhancement supplement. It works by increasing the size of the penis's blood vessels, thereby allowing more blood to fill the penis during erection. It also works to stretch the ligaments of the penis, allowing for more growth. In addition to possible penis enlargement, Magna Rx may also bring greater enjoyment during intercourse. Some users report more intense orgasms and greater penile sensitivity after taking Magna Rx.

Assess your situation. If you desire a larger penis, Magna Rx may be right for you. Other than surgical procedures, there is no proven method of enlarging the penis. Though some report success with supplements, results are far from guaranteed.

Talk to your doctor about Magna Rx. While it is an all-natural supplement, it may not react well with your body. Herbal supplements are not federally regulated so it's important to clear it with your doctor beforehand.

Measure your penis. This will provide you with a base to gauge if Magna Rx is working for you. Measure both the length and circumference of your erect penis.

Take one pill twice daily. Drink about eight ounces of water with the pill. As with most herbal supplements, you should not take more than the recommended dosage.

Consume food directly before taking the pill. Some men reported nausea or intestinal discomfort after taking Magna Rx. Food will help to lessen the chances of an upset stomach.

Observe the effects the pills have on your body. Mark down any differences you notice, such as longer or more frequent erections. This will help you gauge if the pills are effective.

Wait one week and then remeasure your erect penis. Per the company's claims, you should note an increase in length and girth.


As with most herbal supplements, results may vary greatly from man to man.


If you have a history of high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease or high cholesterol, you are at higher risk for health complications. Never take more than the suggested dosage, and consult your doctor prior to taking the pills.