Underarm Odor in Female Teens

Teenage girls facing increased body odor might feel anxious about social events, raising their arms, or engaging in exercise that could cause more odor. If your teen suspects that her underarm odor is unusually strong, consider seeing a doctor for advice.


As your daughter progresses through her teenage years, she might find that underarm odor is a bigger problem than it once was. Puberty can make the body's sweat glands become more active, leading to more body odor, according to KidsHealth.org 2. Teenagers might find that their current hygiene habits are not enough to handle puberty's effects. Some teenagers might also have overactive sweat glands, a condition called hyperhidrosis, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

Taking Care Of It

Bathing more frequently and using a deodorant or antiperspirant might prevent or reduce some underarm odor, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. That might not be enough to block the underarm odor of some teenagers, who might need to visit a doctor for a clinical strength deodorant or antiperspirant, according to the Mayo Clinic. A doctor can prescribe other treatments for those who have hyperhidrosis, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

Environmental Influences

A teen's environment can also cause underarm odor to be more of a problem. Hot, humid weather can make underarm odor more obvious, as can nervousness and anxiety, according to the Mayo Clinic. Avoiding or reducing exposure to environments or feelings that contribute to sweating are ideal. Wearing lightweight clothing or exercising at a lower intensity level might also be helpful when it comes to underarm odor.

Additional Information

Underarm odor can become so disruptive to a teenager's life that she avoids social settings, according to the Mayo Clinic. The odor might also become stronger or it might change, making it an ideal time for your teenager to visit her doctor for help. Some teenagers need to try several kinds of deodorants or antiperspirants before finding one that works best. A doctor can also give you advice on over-the-counter deodorants and antiperspirants.