How to Track My Teenager's Whereabouts

Between school, friends and extracurricular activities, teenagers are difficult to keep track of. Although communication and two-way trust is the ideal way to monitor your teenager’s whereabouts, you have other options at your disposal. Technology attached to a vehicle or a cell phone are two of the most effective methods of tracking and monitoring an active teenager. Don’t forget to keep communication lines open, also, so your teen can develop appropriate independence.

Add a tracking service to your child’s cell phone. Some cell phone carriers, such as Verizon, Sprint and AT&T, offer tracking features that you can add to your service package. Extra charges apply and you might need to provide your child with a compatible cell phone. Once added to your service, activate the tracking feature with your cell phone carrier and with your child’s cell phone.

Make a family rule that your teenager needs to keep her cell phone with her and on at all times when she’s not home so you can check on her whereabouts, if needed. Some services also enable quick-texting between devices or a computer and the child’s cell phone to communicate.

You can install a GPS tracking device in the vehicle your child uses, according to the Edmunds website 1. Many GPS tracking devices install simply and quickly under the dashboard of the vehicle. Once you install the GPS tracking device, initiate the monthly service fee to enable you to track the car whenever your child has it out. Set up the tracking to update to a smart phone or a computer.


If you decide to track your teenager, tell him before installing the device or initiating the service that he needs to be honest with you, advises the website. Emphasize reasons of safety as you explain the tracking. You might also indicate that you will not overuse the devices, but rather you wish to have them available in an emergency. Understand that tracking devices can malfunction -- these services are not infallible.