The Best Toy Trucks for Toddlers

Little peeps can't get enough of big trucks.

Chances are your toddler rushes to the window when the garbage trucks roll by, says "Vrooooom!" when he spots a dump truck from his car seat and points and shouts with glee as you pass the fire station on your morning walk. And who can blame him? Trucks are loud, fun and interesting--and they're representative of the big, wide adult world, which is endlessly fascinating to small tikes. Check out a few award-winning toy trucks on the market now.

Melissa & Doug Car Carrier

If you're a mama who prefers wooden toys for your little one, look no further than the Car Carrier Truck & Cars Wooden Toy Set, made by Melissa & Doug. A winner of the Disney Family Fun Toy of the Year Awards in 2010, this truck's selling point is its simplicity: no batteries, crazy noises or complex packaging. Score! Disney's little toy testers had a blast flipping the loading ramp up and down and moving the four colorful cars on and off. And at $19.99, it won't break the bank.

Sprig Eco Trucks

The winner of a 2009 Oppenheim Platinum Toy Portfolio Award, these front loaders, dump trucks and excavators have cabs that easily flip open, handles designed for little hands and realistic features. And if you're a green mama, you'll be happy to know these Eco Trucks are made without paint and are built with earth-friendly sprigwood. They're available for $14.99 each.

Bruder Deluxe Toy Fire Truck

You might say this truck by German toy maker Bruder is the mother of all fire trucks: it boasts lights, sirens, a tilting cab, a detailed engine, folding mirrors, an extendable swivel ladder with a basket for a mini rescuer and a hose that shoots real water! Let's just say your tot is going to be so impressed by this fire truck, he just may begin to suspect you're Superwoman after all. Winner of the Spiel Gut, a German toy award, this truck is on the pricier side at $65.99--but it's said to be extremely durable and made of the highest quality plastic, so you may just get your money's worth.

Green Toys Pink Dump Truck

Who says trucks aren't for girls? Transportation-minded little gals will love this design from Green Toys, which comes in sweet shades of pink and purple and retails for $27.99. And made from 100% recycled plastic milk containers, and with no BPA, phthalates, PVC or external coatings, safety-conscious moms will love it. This dump truck was even a winner of the B. Eco Chic Best Toys of 2012. Your girl will love getting the chance to vroom, crash, thud, skid and roll like the best of 'em--all while maintaining her girly style, of course.

Tonka Dump Truck

Ah yes, the classic. The first Tonka Dump Truck was created in 1965 and there have been 30 models since then. Rated #31 out of 100 all-time greatest toys by TIME magazine, this truck is bound to amuse your toddler with its bright colors, simplicity and large dumper fit for stowing rocks, balls, blocks, the cat... whatever his little heart desires. The best part: when the rear wheels turn, you can hear rumbling sounds. And at a cool $19.99, you might actually still be able to pay for college some day.