Teen Leadership Activities

Leadership activities for teens will help them find a self identity as well as work collectively with other kids their age 12. According to Lesson Planet, introducing teens to leadership activities can help to inspire learning and self development 12. Leadership activities can be tailored to introduce teens to things like job interviews and politics 12.

Stand by Your Quote

This activity introduces teens to the concept of leadership as well as forces them to make a statement regarding their understanding of what makes a good leader. Place thoughtful leadership quotes on the wall. Make sure that the print is large and that there is plenty of room in between quotes. Each teen should get up and stand next to the quote that they can best relate to. When called upon they must explain why they chose the quote and how it relates to effective leadership.

Leadership Calendar

This activity will ensure that the teen is thinking about leadership in the present as well as in the future. The teen must pick out 12 different days on the calendar that are spread out over four to six months. These days are designated as leadership days. At the end of these days the teen should write down how she felt about her actions and behavior for the day and how her behavior fit in with what she knows about leadership's best practices. After each leadership day the teen should submit the answers to the questions to a mentor or partner for feedback.

Leaders You Admire

This activity will help teens identify traits that are common among the best leaders. With a small group of peers, the teens should each identify one person that they think is a good leader. The group of teens should consider what qualities this person has that makes her a good leader. Ask this question for each leader that the teens come up with. The common qualities should be recorded and noted as the best leadership traits.