How to Be a Team Leader in Basketball

How to Be a Team Leader in Basketball. Every team needs at least two players that step up to be leaders. The leaders play a necessary role as the extension of the coaching staff. There are times when team leaders can support their teammates in ways that coaches cannot. In this article I will focus on how a player can become a team leader.

Build a relationship with coaches and all players. The relationship should be grounded in respect and trust. It is not important that you are friends with everyone; you just need to have trustful communication lines open to everyone.

Be positive and consistent. Your actions and your words should be positive and focus on moving the team in that direction. Also, be consistent so coaches and players know what to expect from you.

Provide encouragement and commend publicly. Your enthusiasm will be contagious to the rest of the team.

Intervene privately. If you want to talk with another player about an area where he/she is not in line with the team, do so privately. You should never confront a teammate in plain view for everyone to see. It is a quick way to lose respect from that teammate and others.

Be a student of the game and know what the coaches are trying to achieve. As a leader, you want to be an extension of the coaching staff and help to translate team concepts to any player that is in need of assistance.

Lead by example. Be the first to practice and the last to leave. Do every drill and practice segment at full speed. If you are always putting out full effort, you have the right to push others on the team to do the same.

Respect the game by showing respect for all coaches, officials and opponents. This will help to guide your teammates.

Practice every practice and play every game like it was your last one. Don't take anything for granted and keep everyone focused on the team's objectives.


A team leader should not put himself/herself above teammates-he/she should position him/herself as a support person within the team. The team leader does not necessarily have to be one of the best players on the team. As you review the aspects above, you will notice that none of them relate to skill level.