How to Teach Kids Job Etiquette

Once a teenager advances to the point where he’s ready to enter the job market with part-time employment, he’ll be competing and interacting with others on a whole new level. To help prepare him for success, instill strong job etiquette to guide him through both the hiring process and the actual work environment. With these skills, your adolescent has a better chance of succeeding.

Discuss standard etiquette that serves your child both personally and professionally. Standard etiquette includes punctuality, speaking clearly, listening attentively and observing basic hygiene so clothing and personal appearance look neat, advises the Binghamton University Career Development Center website 1.

Apply standard etiquette guidelines to the interview process to help your teenager understand how to conduct himself during a job interview. Encourage your teenager to learn basic information about the company prior to interviewing. Provide guidelines for dressing appropriately for an interview. Ensure that your teen arrives about 10 minutes early to the interview, shakes hands confidently, maintains eye contact and speaks directly during the interview.

Guide your teen to follow up after the interview, sending a thank-you card and calling the interviewer within a week after interviewing to demonstrate initiative and interest.

Encourage your teen to put his best foot forward in the workplace after receiving a job offer and starting a job. Remind him to follow dress codes for the work place, wearing neat and clean clothing or uniform, advises the University of Washington-Bothell website. He should project a positive and confident attitude. Tell him to arrive on time for a work shift, ready to work hard.

Help your teenager see the importance of respecting his supervisor and boss and working effectively with coworkers to ensure that he succeeds in the workplace. The workplace team needs strong and efficient members, willing to work hard for the good of the company and the customer. Encourage him to communicate effectively, speaking clearly and listening closely to others.

Remind your teen to follow workplace rules to get along with others and perform his job correctly. Often a workplace has specific rules regarding the use of technology and electronic devices -- ensure your teen understands the importance of following these guidelines.

Instruct your teen about the correct way to ask for time off or to submit notice of resignation, in accordance with workplace policies. Failure to follow these rules inconveniences others and may lead to an employer providing a less-than-positive reference.