How to Teach Children Goal Setting With Fun Activities

Goal setting is beneficial for kids in a number of ways. It helps them learn that they are responsible for their own successes and failures. It teaches them to prioritize and manage their time. It improves their self esteem by showing them that they do have strengths, talents and abilities, especially when they apply themselves. Help your children learn to set and reach their goals by involving them in fun yet educational activities.

Make a list. Ask the children to write down some goals that are specific, measurable and attainable within a precise time frame. Suggest that they choose a combination of short- and long-term goals. Reaching short-term goals can boost their confidence and attaining long-term goals builds endurance and perseverance.

Transfer the goals to a poster board. Give each child a blank poster board and ask them to write each ambition in large print on it. Write the goals in a variety of places, angles and sizes so that they are spread randomly over the poster board.

Create an action items chart for each child. Ask the kids to come up with steps they can take to reach each goal. Make a checklist by hand or on your computer with a section for each goal and its corresponding action items. Hang the charts where the children can see them, such as the refrigerator or their bedroom doors.

Give the kids a stack of magazines, catalogs and other publications. Tell them to find photos that represent each of their goals. Cut out the pictures. Create a folder for each child and store the cutouts until each goal is achieved.

Mark achievements with stickers and collages. Every time the children complete steps toward one of their goals, give them stickers to place on their action item charts. When they reach goals, help the kids glue their cutouts onto the poster board over the associated written goal. When they have attained all of their goals, they will have a collage displaying their success.


If you don't have magazines, find and print pictures using your computer.