Summer Programs for Kids in Eugene, Oregon

When school is out and summer is in full-swing, kids can choose from a wide variety of summer programs to fill their days. Find a program that caters to your child's skills and hobbies. Eugene YMCA hosts a wide variety of camps with different activities such as sports, camping and arts and crafts 3. Smaller organizations, such as the South Eugene Soccer Club, have day camps that focus on one sport 13.

Sports Camps

Enroll your child in a sports camp in summertime to improve her athletic skills. South Eugene Soccer Club offers a week-long summer day camp for boys and girls going into grades 1 to 8 13. A discount is available when registering more than one child for the camp. Jordan Kent Skill Camps are youth summer camps focusing on basketball, soccer and football 23. Kids ages 6 to 12 are welcome. No prior experience is needed so the camps provide a great opportunity for your child to try different sports.


The Eugene YMCA hosts summer programs for kids ages 2-1/2 to 18 3. Day camps and overnight camps are offered to accommodate a child’s interests. Youth can choose from among camps focused on a specific sport, such as tennis, swimming or horseback riding. The Adventures Day Camp and Extravaganza Day Camp provide children with a variety of activities such as field trips, arts and crafts, swimming, sports and cooking. Teenagers can participate in programs that offer lifeguard training and camp counselor training.

Art Camps

Let your child’s imagination run wild with a summer art program. City of Eugene Art on the Amazon Camps are offered to young children ages 3 to 5 3. The art camps take place throughout the summer and provide activities such as crafts, painting and storytelling 3. The Maude Kerns Art Center hosts an assortment of art-based summer camps for youth ages 6 to 12 34. Kids can choose camps based on their interests, such as drawing, painting and movie-making. Young adult workshops are also offered in the summertime for youth ages 10 to 16. Choose a camp that focuses on a specific artistic discipline such as drawing, comic illustration or movie-making.

Nature Camps

Take advantage of the warm summer weather by enrolling your child in a nature-themed summer camp. Nearby Nature day camps take place at local parks throughout Eugene 3. Camps are offered to youth ages 3 to 14. Older teens can also participate as volunteers. While at the camp, kids hike, bike, plant gardens and create art. Whole Earth Nature School is open to youth ages 4 to 16 5. Day camps and overnight camps provide campers with traditional camp experiences such as fishing, storytelling and games. Unique experiences are also offered such as gathering wild berries to make jam and learning about local herbs to use for healing.