Summer Activities for Preteens

Once school lets out for the summer, parents are left to organize activities to keep their preteens busy 1. Kids younger than 14 years of age are not old enough to work, so other options must be explored.

Summer Camps

Perhaps the most common activity available to preteens is summer camp. A variety of summer camps are available, which means a parent easily can match a summer camp with one of their preteen's interests. Camps are available for kids who enjoy science, sports, drama, music and writing. To find out which summer camps are offered in your area, contact a local college or the Chamber of Commerce. Many colleges provide summer camps for preteens.

Community Service Projects

Preteens who aren't interested in going away to camp might enjoy devoting their time to a community service project. This can include volunteering at an animal shelter or nearby hospital. Many 4-H organizations offer summer programs with a focus on community service. Additional options include spending time with the elderly in a nursing home, bringing donated toys to sick children or mowing lawns for shut-ins. You might also want to contact a church to see whether your preteen can volunteer there. Churches often have food pantries and thrift shops that need assistance.

Summer School

Many elementary schools stay open during the summer to offer classes for students who need to spend more times on their studies. Most of these schools also offer enrichment programs that will keep preteens busy for the majority of the day. These programs can include activities in home economics, wood shop, music lessons, arts and crafts, marine biology, computers, sports and language immersion.

Library Programs

A library is the perfect place to go if you don't have enough money to sign your child up for a summer camp. Almost all library programs are free, and plenty of summer activities are offered for preteens 1. Although each library differs in what it can offer, most have a reading program, summer math club, crafts, game nights, movie nights and computer classes.