Steps to Change Twins' Diapers

Babies go through diapers like candy, and twins go through them twice as fast. Changing twins' diapers isn't much different from changing a singleton, with one notable exception. When changing twins you need to ensure that the twin not being changed is secure and safe. Like most chores involving twins, hygiene, organization and efficiency is the name of the game.

The Prep Work

Arrange your materials such as clean diapers, wipes and cream within arm's reach, but far enough away so neither twin can kick everything on the floor. If you're in a public restroom, place a disposable changing pad on the fold-down table so your babies' bottoms aren't exposed to the germs from thousands of other baby bottoms. If your twins are experiencing diarrhea or you sense an especially messy diaper, lay a disposable changing pad down even when using your own changing table 2.

Secure the Duo

Secure one twin in a carrier, car seat, crib or playpen for a moment while you lay her sibling on the changing table. One baby crawling toward the lamp cord while you're trying to clean feces off his sibling is asking for disaster. Keeping one twin secure also ensures that you're never tempted to leave one baby on the changing table -- even for a split second. Never put both babies together on the changing table, bed or any other elevated surface while changing their diapers -- it's too easy for one to fall of the edge while you're changing the sibling's diaper.

The Removal and Cleaning

Remove your baby's clothes and tuck her shirt or onesie under her tummy to minimize contact with her bodily waste. Next, un-tape the soiled diaper and grab a few wipes. For a boy twin, tuck his penis down or cover it immediately with a burp cloth so he doesn't spray urine while you're changing him. Without removing the dirty diaper, lift her legs together so her bottom rises off the table and gently clean her skin with a baby wipe going in one direction-- genitals to rear. This is especially important for baby girls: Always wipe front to back or you could spread bacteria and cause infection.

The Clean Diaper Switch

Continue holding her legs and bottom in the air as you replace the soiled diaper with a clean one. Apply ointment, cream or baby powder as necessary using a cotton ball or disposable cosmetic pad. Smearing lubricant or rash cream with your bare fingers makes it easier to spread bacteria, viruses or any other contagious skin condition between your twins. Secure the sticky tabs on either side so they fasten just below the belly button. Wash your hands thoroughly or apply hand sanitizer liberally, switch babies and repeat steps one through four.