How to Stay Married for the Kids

Stay Married for the Kids

Regardless of what your friends may say, it's not essential to your children's well-being for you to have a great marriage. Except for abuse or addictions it may just be better for the kids if the parents stay together. You also need to know that you can learn to be happy for the sake of the kids.

Remember the children.

This life is the life you chose and it is not all about you. Your happiness is not the center of the universe anymore.

The center of the universe should be your children's happiness.

Children will not be happier because one parent decides to leave them to pursue their own happiness.

Staying married is about making choices that are not just about you.

Make your choices based on higher goals, and not on what makes you happy this moment.

Your children should be your highest priority.

Get happy.

Everyone gets upset or angry and couples start feeling distant.

Learn to make your own happiness. It is not the job of your kids, husband, wife, or any other person in the world to make YOU happy, its up to you to do that.

Grow into the person your kids need you to be, and don't bail on them.

Be positive.

Look, people just don't fall out of love. That happens when you only focus on what you don't like or don't want in this person anymore.

Instead of focusing on the all the things that annoy you about the other, begin to focus only on the positive things. I know it sounds hard, but divorce is harder, and kids going back and forth to two different homes is even harder.

You married this person for a reason and now there is even more at stake: your kids.

Feel the feelings you had when you got married, remember the joy and excitement, remember the love.

You married for love, stay married for love. You can have a happy marriage, if you believe you can.

Things You Will Need

  • patience
  • willingness
  • prayer


Modeling a loving marriage for the sake of the children can not only be great for the kids, but can turn things around for you. Remember, fake it 'til you feel it.