Signs & Symptoms of Pregnancy With IVF

For women who have undergone in vitro fertilisation, or IVF, the two weeks spent waiting to find out if the procedure was successful can be painstaking. After two weeks, your doctor likely will order a blood test and possibly perform an ultrasound to find out if the embryos have implanted and you are pregnant. Many women don't experience any symptoms, while others may notice some signs that indicate they might be pregnant. These signs can be caused by other factors as well, such as your menstrual period, recuperation from the IVF embryo transfer or as a side effect of medication.


Spotting or light vaginal bleeding can be an early sign that the embryo transfer following in vitro fertilisation was a success and you are pregnant. Some women experience bleeding when the embryo implants into the uterine wall, however, light vaginal bleeding also can be a sign that your period is starting.

Breast Tenderness

Some women experience breast tenderness or swelling as an early sign of pregnancy. Some women who undergo IVF experience breast tenderness a week or two after the embryo transfer, but many women do not have it at all.


Although nausea is commonly associated with women who are in the later stages of early pregnancy, some women have morning sickness before their first missed period. And morning sickness doesn't have to be experienced in the morning. Many women feel nauseous at night or even all day. Food aversions or cravings also can appear early in pregnancy.

Other Signs

Other signs women may experience in the weeks following an embryo transfer include mild cramping and other symptoms that are commonly part of premenstrual syndrome.