What Are Signs & Symptoms of Baby Dropping in Pregnancy?

Many women experience false alarms when it comes to thinking they are going into labor. Before rushing off to the delivery room, there are some things you should notice about the progress of your baby and whether or not she is ready to come out. One of the signs is dropping, also known more technically as “lightening”, says WebMD 1. This is the point when your baby moves from your belly and moves deeper within your pelvis, and can occur as early as a few weeks before your baby is born, or a few hours before birth. Learn more about the indicators of lightening to help you determine how close you actually are to delivering your new bundle of joy.

Frequent Urination

As if you haven’t been urinating enough already, your baby dropping adds more pressure to your bladder, which will increase your urination pattern. Of course, since every woman’s body is different, some women experience the urge to urinate more than others.


If you are suddenly able to breathe better after many months of pregnancy, this could be a sign that your baby has dropped. Once your baby snuggles him or herself into the pelvic region, you will literally feel a sigh of breathing relief because there will be less pressure on your diaphragm.

Abdomen Shape

Your shape will change in your pelvic and abdomen areas because the baby has moved a few centimeters south. Your belly will appear as though it is tilted forward; you might feel off balance because the weight of the baby has shifted.

Heartburn and Increased Appetite

According to Pregnancy Today, more room in your belly means that you might actually feel hungry again. If you notice that your appetite has increased toward the end of your pregnancy, it could be because there is more room, due to your baby dropping. Furthermore, heartburn will be reduced because there is more room for your organs


Your baby dropping frees up space in your abdomen area, but crowds your pelvic and rectal area. A sudden bout of constipation could be an indication that your baby has dropped.