Self Esteem Activities for Kids

Building a child’s self-esteem is important 123. Low self-esteem can cause relationships, school work, health and happiness to suffer 123. Encourage children to think positively about themselves with several simple group and individual activities 2.

Compliment List

Write each child’s name on top of a sheet of lined paper. Pass the paper around the group and have each child write something positive about the person that the paper belongs to.

Candy for Skills

Give each child a certain number of individually wrapped candies. Children in the group name a skill or good quality about themselves. Children who do not have that trait in common toss a piece of candy at the presenter.

Brag Book

Children can assemble their own brag books out of scrapbooks. Focus on scrapbooking achievements, skills, good report cards, and other items that make the child happy or proud.

Good Things Book

Journaling the good things in life can help a child remember the positive things that were said or done in a given day. Encourage children to write down five things every day that someone said or did that made them feel better about themselves.

Simple Skills

Boost confidence in their abilities by putting children through an obstacle course of simple activities 2. Start with coloring a picture or writing their names (for younger children). Progress from ridiculously easy tasks to more complicated ones to illustrate their full range of abilities.