How to Read a Child's Text Messages Without the Phone

As a parent, it is important to watch out for your child’s well-being and make sure that he is staying out of trouble. Children nowadays are communicating more and more with technology, including text messaging on their cell phones. To help parents monitor their children’s text messages, there are programs online that allow you to read the text messages off of their phone 1. These programs help you make sure that your children are not communicating with strangers or peers that may have bad influences on them. Unfortunately, these security programs work only for smartphones, like BlackBerries, Windows Mobile and iPhones.

Sign up with an online program like My Mobile Watchdog, which was created with children in mind and alerts you on your phone or computer when your child receives messages from unauthorized numbers. The benefit about this particular program is that you will set up this security measure with your child, so that he knows what is going on and that you are watching out for his safety. Once you sign up for an account, you can sit down with your child and register familiar numbers into the online database. When your child receives a text from an unregistered number, a notification will be sent to you online, and you will be able to read the context of the message.

Join a program like Mobile Spy or Text Guard, which are companies that specialize in high-tech cell-phone surveillance. Once you purchase and download the software on your child’s cell phone, you can monitor her text messages through an online account that keeps track of all messages 1. This program allows you to monitor her texts without her knowing that you are doing so 1.

Sign up to receive alerts on your cell phone when setting up your spyware program, so that you can receive alerts both online and on your phone. Some programs can even forward you the text message in question. Cell-phone spy software programs know that you may not have access to the Internet all the time and that your cell phone may be a more reliable way to reach you.


Actively check up on your child’s text messages every day and make sure that there are no suspicious messages. This is important especially if your child has been acting different lately.

If you catch your child sexting or doing other inappropriate texting, make sure to explain to him what he is doing is wrong. If the is abusing his text messaging privileges, you can call the phone company and cancel this feature on his phone.


If you find violent or threatening messages from your child’s peers, this may be a sign of cyber bullying and is not to be taken lightly. Talk to your child right away and get involved.